For a business trip or a relaxing getaway KARPATY always be your way!

We offer the air tickets to all countries, for all airlines, the vacation packages and tours, the car rentals, the hotel reservations , the travel insurance and other travel service

You can purchase tickets for the Polish airline LOT to Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa) at the lowest prices. 

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Vacation packages to Cuba from $ 492, to the Dominican Republic from $ 725, to Mexico from $ 742 , to Jamaica from $ 795, to Costa-Rica from $1445- all the  taxes are included

 **Taxes are subject to change daily.

The earlier you book, the more you ‘ll get!

Think about your dream vacation. Well quit daydreaming about it and make it happen this year! Karpaty Travel can help  to choose the  best  tour for  you!



  • Italy

Italy Tours:

 Jewels ofItaly-8 days, from 1399 CAD; 

Italian Dream-9 days, from 1525 CAD;

Highlights of the Italian Lakes-9 days, from 1275 CAD

Italian Scene-11 days, from 1875 CAD

  • England, Ireland & Scotland

England Tours

Taste of Britain-8 days, from 1035 CAD

Ireland Tours

Irish Wonder-9 days, from 1285 CAD

Britainand Ireland Delight-11 days, from 1525 CAD

Scotland Tours

Englandand Scotland Heritage-12 days, from 1575 CAD

  • Central and Eastern Europe

Germany Tours

Highlights of Germany-13 days, from 1935 CAD

  • Southern Europe

Spain  and Portugal Tours

Spanish Experience-10 days, from 1399 CAD;

Impressions ofSpainandPortugal-13 days, from 1699 CAD

Greece & Turkey Tours

GreekIslandExplorer -11 days, from 1850 CAD

The Best  of  Turkey- 8 days, from 1349 CAD

  • Western Europe

France Tours

Highlights of France-14 days, from 2465 CAD

  • Northern Europe

Russia, Ukraine, & Scandinavia Tours

St. Petersburgand Moscow-7 days, from 2129 CAD

Warsaw, the Baltics and  Russia-14 days, from 3479 CAD

Scenic Norway-9 days, from 2499 CAD
The  Scandinavian -14 days, from 3689 CAD


The prices are given per person and for land only. Dining included but some conditions may apply.

For more options please call our company 416-761-9101, 1-800-265-7189. 


"Karpaty Travel" offers medical insurance for visitors to Canada for only $ 1.58 per day and travel insurance for Canadians traveling abroad for $ 02.05 per day. The rates depend on the age of the traveler.

For more details about the prices for air tickets and the tours, please call:
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